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Apprentice Scheme

Apprentice Scheme

Proud to offer young individuals local job opportunities

The Wardgroup apprentice scheme provides training combined with employment opportunities to young individuals living in the Barrow-in-Furness area. The company has employed apprentices for decades and the company is extremely proud to provide a first chance for young people to get onto the employment ladder.

Current Plumbing & Heating Manager, Adam Baxter started out as an apprentice at Wardgroup at the age of 16 and although he spent some time away from the company, it was the standards, customer service and efficiency that saw his career blossom and eventually return to Wardgroup on a management level.

Keep an eye out here for information on upcoming apprentice opportunities.

Case Study | Jack makes fast progress in the Painting & Decorating department

Initiative has reaped rewards for 17 year old Jack Ashworth from Grange, who made enquiries at the Wardgroup Head Office regarding possibilities in Painting & Decorating apprenticeships. His timing couldn’t have been better as the Painting & Decorating department had just decided to recruit.

Jack was given a work trial and impressed sufficiently to be offered an apprenticeship. He has now been placed with a senior decorator to teach the trade and has made the type of progress never witnessed in the department. After only 6 months he is able to wallpaper a room on his own to a high standard and has learnt techniques which can take years to master.

Jack loves the trade and is destined to be a top class tradesman and should be an asset to the company for many years to come.