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Replacement Glazing, Hardware & Repairs

Replacement Glazing, Hardware & Repairs

Wardgroup offer window and door repairs and maintenance services to ensure your home is energy efficient and secure.

Our Glass and Glazing team not only replace windows, doors and hardware, they can also repair them, enabling you to keep costs low. Our team of experienced window fitters will assess your home’s windows and doors and provide a free no-obligation quote.
We are able to supply and fit replacement hardware, double glazing when existing units have failed, single glass and specialist glass including greenhouse and heat resistant glass.

Our experienced glaziers will assess door and window hinges and locking systems, ensuring they are working correctly. We will advise on necessary actions, from applying a lubricant to replacing worn hinges and locks. Any window repairs can then be completed by our team to ensure that your home is secure and energy efficient.
When assessing your windows, we will also evaluate your window insulation and the type of glass used within your home, to ensure that it meets the latest energy efficiency and safety guidelines. If you have young children or pets, it is important to use toughened safety glass which prevents serious injury if broken.

Along with hinges and locks, the team can also replace broken letterboxes, handles and gaskets.

Call the Glass & Glazing team on 01229811222.