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Conservatory Roofs

Conservatory Roofs

Historically conservatories were designed to have a glass roof so that home owners could enjoy the summer sunshine and natural light, however, glass roofs have enormous draw backs which impact on how you use your conservatory.

conservatories | Supalite roofs
Supalite roof
  1. They magnify the sun in the summer and make your conservatory too warm
  2. They let in too much light and are difficult to control with blinds
  3. During winter they do not insulate the conservatory well enough, making the room feel cold and unusable
  4. They get dirty on the outside and are hard to clean

With these drawbacks in mind, any home owners have switched to a lightweight tiled roof system to replace their tired glass roofs. Wardgroup are accredited installers of the Supalite Roofs system. The beauty of these lightweight replacement roofs is that often there is no need to replace the whole conservatory as the new lightweight roof can be designed and constructed to fit the existing structure, with no need for improvements to foundations or walls.

The new lightweight roofs can combine lighting solutions and roof windows to ensure that your conservatory still basks in light, however the biggest positive of switching to a lightweight conservatory roof is the increased energy efficiency of your home. A lightweight tiled roof will transform your conservatory, ensuring that it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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