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Proud to be part of the Barrow in Furness and South Lakes community

Wardgroup’s proud history is the foundation of our success in Barrow in Furness, the South Lakes, Cumbria and the North West region. With over 140 years trading on the Furness Peninsula the company understands the need to develop a reputation for quality workmanship and also acknowledges a responsibility to put something back into the community that has supported the business for so long.

Opportunities for local individuals

Although we do not discriminate against any individual applying for an employment position at Wardgroup, we are rewarded when an employment opportunity is filled by a local person with a desire to learn and undertake the high standards we demand of them. Our apprentice scheme has been a huge success and has provided job opportunities in retail, painting & decorating, plumbing & heating and glass fitting, ensuring that future generations of Barrovians are upskilled to continue providing the friendly and professional service Wardgroup is renowned for.

Supporting the local community

Wardgroup provides support to the local community via sponsorship of events, sports teams, groups and organisations. We also get involved in projects where we feel we can offer added value and use our expertise and skills to assist a charitable project or not-for-profit organisation.


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